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Palm wax candles truly are beautiful with the natural crystalized finish

you get with this candle wax.

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Authentic & Consistent Fragrance 

Unlike other candles that only scent at the top layer of the wax, our candles are scented from top to bottom with the highest quality fragrance oils, to ensure a true consistent fragrance experience from the beginning to the end. 


Cotton Core Safety Wicks 

Our wicks are made with cotton core material to keep the wick straight and upright while burning. These high-quality wicks are made from cotton braided fibers to encourage a slow and consistent burn and are self-trimming. Our wicks also feature a ‘safety collar’ When the candle burns down to the last half an inch of wax, it self-extinguishes to prevent broken glass and spilled wax. 

Why Malaysian Palm Oil?

  • Malaysia grows sum 600 million palm trees creating a green protective canopy over the country.

  • There is designated palm tree growing areas specifically for the use of oil palm extraction.

  • Oil palm trees produce up to 10x more oil per acre than any other oil-producing crop.

  • Oil palm trees are perennials that live approximately 25-30 years in an agricultural setting, as opposed to other crops that are annuals. Since they don’t get mowed down every year, the soil does not get disturbed, less tilling equals much less erosion and polluting runoff.

  • Palm trees produce great amounts of oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  • Oil palm trees are non-GMO

  • The mills used to refine the oil produce much less waste by recycling biomass as fuel or by composting the biomass into natural fertilizer for yields.

  • Abundant rain in the Southeast Asia means little irrigation is needed.

  • Compared to other major oil-seed crops, the cultivation and processing of oil palm requires less input of fertilizers, pesticides and fuel energy.

  • Zero burning as all oil palm is recycled meaning nothing goes to waste.