Our Candles are made from 100% all-natural palm wax.


When harvested, the palm trees are never hurt and the palm fruit that is used to make palm wax is harvested while the tree continues to grow.

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Natural Wax Candles

Our two wicks in our carefully crafted candles provide a clean burn with no tunneling or wasted wax, bringing you unsurpassed quality at an incredible value. 


Spa Collection

These stunning 8oz designs feature 2 wicks and are layered to create the perfect ambiance for any décor.


Mia Melts

Experience hours of our authentic fragrances without the wick or any mess. Our Mia Melts are made from natural Palm Wax and can be used in any Simmer Pot or Warmer.

Over 50 year round fragrances
perfect for any home.

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